Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Yin Yang

I've been really excited about fabric, needle and thread of late. I decided to rummage through my quilting stash and came across this little block that I made a few years ago. I'm using Inklingo as I can't imagine any other way of stitching this block. I had a play with Inklingo a few years ago and really enjoyed using it. I have printed out about 10 of these blocks. Not sure where I'm going with these but I'm enjoying hand stitching them at the moment.

I just love how the centre spirals around like that. It makes everything lay so lovely and flat.

What do you think? Do you like this spiralling block? I think I will be combining it with another block but haven't decided what yet. There are lots of design ideas over on the Inklingo website. I sound a little like an ad for Inklingo. LOL. I'm not trying to push the product at all. I have just found it to make my life easier and thought I'd share.

I don't get a lot of quilting time. I prefer to hand stitch everything I do even though I have a lovely Bernina machine. I just find machine work takes me away from my family. I'm not home much either. I work full-time and have adult and teenage kids. We are always on the move. I can take my hand stitching with me and do a little here and there. I'm not worlds fastest stitcher because of my limited time but I sure do enjoy it when I get a chance to pull it out.

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