Thursday, 21 May 2015

Busy times

It's been a long time. No excuses. I suppose other things have just taken priority over blogging. My family continues to grow with 5 grandchildren now and another grandson due in early August. It's a very exciting time in my family.

My own health has been challenging to say the least but I am still able to work full time which I am grateful for.

We had a busy Mothers Days with 16 of us crammed into our little house. Our kids, their partners and their kids quickly fills our little space. We really need a bigger place for our get together a. LOL.

I'm still enjoying stitching away when I have a spare moment.

I've actually finished the above project but noticed on my blog that it's taken me over 12 months to finish it. Wow! More on that next post. Hopefully now that I have a blogging app on my phone I will be able to find more spare moments to make some posts. Till next time. Love, Dot.

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