Sunday, 20 January 2013

Christmas stitching

I could really relate to this post by Siobhán at Notes from Blue Hen Hollow. Especially her thoughts on Christmas stitching. Early in January, I always have great intentions of stitching on ornaments or the like, throughout the year, only to fizzle out about half way through and find myself feeling regretful about late November that I didn't get more done for Christmas. When I read of Siobhán's intentions of stitching for Christmas on Sundays, I thought "what a brilliant idea". After a couple of emails to encourage me, I decided I would work on this today.

This is The Prairie Schooler "Christmas Eve Deer".

I think I started this close to Christmas 2011. I didn't almost zero stitching during 2012 due to one thing or another but I did quite a lot during 2011. I'm pretty sure I started it before Christmas. I can remember my changes. The original is charted with snow on the ground and snow flakes in the air.

As we celebrate Christmas during summer in Australia, I decided to change the snow to grass and put sunshine in the sky. Although if you could see how dry the ground is here right now, you would say I should have coloured the ground in shades of brown and pale gold. There is very little green to be seen where I live right now. It's been very hot and dry.

Here's how it looked when I finished it.

I've decided to stitch the original design as charted as well. Stitching the snow might have a cooling effect on me. Ha ha!


  1. Dot, it looks great! I love the changes that you made for the reindeer to be visiting the southern hemisphere. :) Good for you for joining in on Santa Sundays. I'm trying to decide on what I want to start today, and finish finish some of my other stuff. Ugh. :P

  2. Yes, I have the intention to Christmas stitch too!! Wish us both luck!! Love your summer reindeer!

  3. What a good idea to have Santa Sundays. I have been chatting to an Aussie friend, I cannot begin to imagine what 115 F must feel like.

  4. lol! I love the ornament with its Australian sky and grass! Such fun! Hope you get some good Christmas stitching done!